Every effort has been made to ensure that Crosland products meet the strictest safety standards

At Crosland we are urging users of hand-fed platen - die cutting - machines to make themselves fully aware of the revised operating and safeguarding guidance in order to reduce the risk of serious crush injuries and even death.

Call for advice on how you may best safeguard against these risks on 0161 8778668 now.

More on this imperative action can be found on the pdf below or by referring to the H.S.E. website:


Laser Scanning Devices

Crosland have come up with an excellent and simple solution to the changes on hand fed platens, recently introduced by the HSE. A laser scanning device is mounted above the machine, this sends a signal out which covers the entire cutting plate area. The beam is 350mm above the cutting plate, allowing the operator to feed the machine easily on dwell mode.

This system is very unobtrusive and is quickly fitted in one day by our engineers. The unit is sealed and cannot be by passed, in the unlikely event of a problem it will always fail to safety and stop the machine running.

Contact us on 0161 877 8668 or sales@croslandvk.com for more information.

Crosland:Laser Scanners Crosland:Laser Scanners

Crosland is committed to conducting its business in such a manner as to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the health and safety of persons who may be affected by its activities. The latter includes persons who operate machines supplied by the company.

The company's aim is to satisfy the spirit of the Health & Safety at work act 1974 and other relevant legislation and not just comply with the letter of the law. The directors ensure that the resources necessary to achieve this objective are provided and maintain a constant and continuous interest in health and safety. In particular, the company acknowledges its responsibilities to provide and maintain:

The company recognises that if it is to achieve the objectives of its policy it requires the collaboration and co-operation of all its employees. Therefore, procedures for consulting employees are built into the policy.

Health, safety & welfare is regularly monitored and the effectiveness of the company policy and associated procedures are reviewed each year. Continuous improvement, amendments are made.

Detailed Health and Safety documentation is available on request.

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