45th Young Shin sale for Crosland VK

November 2007

Crosland VK, market leaders in sales and service for the die-cutting industry, is delighted to announce its 45th Young Shin installation.

The Manchester based specialist has recently installed a YT-SA1800S11 semi automatic die-cutter at Goran Plastics, manufacturer of Polyflute, a tough corrugated plastic sheet material, in Watford.

Goran Plastics' die-cutting operations has increased significantly over recent years and prior to the installation of the Young Shin YT-SA1800S11, die-cutting was carried out by one Crosland hand fed platen, with a production rate of 700 sheets per hour.

Steve Waterhouse, Group Sales Director at Crosland VK comments, "The upgrade to the semi automatic increases production to 3000 sheets per hour and the machine can also 100% strip if necessary. This equates to a measurable boost in productivity with considerable time saving benefits."

"We appreciate Goran Plastics' loyalty as a customer and are pleased that the Young Shin YT-SA1800S11 can make such a significant impact upon its output capacity," he adds.

Chris King, Goran Plastics Managing Director says, "The Young Shin is a very quick machine, easy to use and we've eliminated a major production bottle neck. Having the ability to die-cut our own sheet as quickly as we can extrude it is a positive step toward providing a faster service for our clients."

Steve Waterhouse continues, "Achieving our 45th Young Shin sale is quite a milestone - we have been marketing and installing the machines since [XXXX] and their quality and added value goes some way in helping maintain our place at the forefront of the die-cutting sector."

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