Crosland VK - experts in the installation of Sick laser scanners to hand-fed platens

With exceptional expertise in manufacturing and supplying hand-fed platens and automatic cutting/creasing machinery to both UK and worldwide markets, Crosland VK has developed a leading role in ensuring operator safety in the print, cardboard and die-cutting industries. A recent 'Safety Alert' document issued by the Health and Safety Executive outlines the alarming fact that dangerous accidents and fatalities can occur when hand-fed platens are in the 'dwell' mode. Under these circumstances, should an operative reach into the machine whilst, it is quite possible that the platens could close, resulting in the death or serious injury of the operator because power to the hand-fed platen was not isolated and the safety devices fitted to the machine did not stop the platens from closing. The HSE Safety Alert points out the risks that can occur when hand-fed platens are in the 'dwell' mode and makes proposals to address these challenges, stating that 'suitable procedures may include isolation and lock-off of the power supply or other equally effective measures before the operator attempts to gain access onto the hand-fed platen.'

With its in-depth knowledge of the industry, Crosland VK has come up with a highly workable, easy-to-install and quick solution to the problem; the company can install SICK laser scanners (SICK is an international supplier of these devices) so that the hand-fed platen will function safely when in the 'dwell' mode. The SICK laser scanner for the hand-fed platen functions by providing non-contact monitoring of a freely programmable area - and since the Sick laser scanner requires no separate reflectors, installation is easy because its sender and receiver are contained in a single housing.

The position of the Sick laser scanner for the hand-fed platen is set via a mounting above the hand-fed platen, and sends out a signal which covers the entire cutting plate area. What's more, the beam of ESPE safety device for the hand-fed platen is 350mm above the cutting plate, allowing the operator to feed the machine easily when in 'dwell' mode. In addition the SICK laser scanner for the hand-fed platen can quickly be installed in one day by our highly skilled and exceptionally experienced engineers. The Sick laser scanner is sealed and cannot be by-passed - and in the highly unlikely event of a problem, the SICK laser scanner will fail to 'safety' mode and the machine will stop running.

The laser scanners for the hand-fed platen supplied by Crosland VK are provided by the international firm of SICK, a global leader in laser scanners for hand-held platens. SICK laser scanners and SICK's industrial application solutions secure the reliable and efficient control of processes so as to prevent environmental damage and protect operatives from suffering accidents or injuries.

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